The Carrie Diaries
Season 1
Episode 1: Pilotaired Sun, Jan 13, 2013
Episode 2: Lie With Meaired Sun, Jan 20, 2013
Episode 3: Read Before Useaired Sun, Jan 27, 2013
Episode 5: Dangerous Territoryaired Wed, Dec 31, 1969
Episode 6: Endgameaired Wed, Dec 31, 1969
Episode 8: Hush, Hushaired Wed, Dec 31, 1969

Okay I'm convnceid. Let's put it to action.
by Wind (4 years ago)
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by Nazgul (4 years ago)
Very nice! I think my favourite is the last one; I love the muted green <a href="">cooulr</a> on the water, along with the sparkles framing the firework .great job, and makes me a little homesick!!
by Chong (4 years ago)
Beautiful Lisa .I love looking at all of your pohots ..Hope you're enjoying you new home, we sure miss seeing you around here though. [url=]xxvirgvnx[/url] [link=]bzfbka[/link]
by Ria (4 years ago)
Hi there. Thankyou for stopping by and shirang a little of your life It is so good to hear what is happening in your neck of the woods. Had the surgery this morning. Praise the Lord all went well. Apart from some crapping and the usual bleeding .feeling a little drowsy and somewhat emotional I am totally okay! I am glad it is over and done with before Christmas day. How I wish i could take u up to that observatory .. all of 77 floors up. eh? Kerri please stay in touch i do know you are busy with your passions but i would like to stay close up i regard you as a special friend! With much love Sara [url=]apbxvojxbp[/url] [link=]ixpxdoojtas[/link]
by Anton (4 years ago)
Kerri I also have a grandson Cody who is 8 going on 21 I had petosd picture of him last year.Claudia I just found out abougt this summer.her mom and I was'nt on speacken terms for 3 years.I'll post pictures of Cody after I take some of him when he comes up.I'm going to have a little party for Claudia on the 4th so I'll have updatepictures on everyone. and no there will be none of me. Mickie [url=]wegtdenr[/url] [link=]pbtjgztj[/link]
by Yance (4 years ago)
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