Season 1
Episode 1: Whitey Bulgeraired Fri, Jun 13, 2008
Episode 2: Mafia Cops: Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappaaired Thu, Nov 18, 2010
Episode 7: Joe Bonanno: The Last Godfatheraired Mon, Jul 26, 1999
Episode 8: Santo Trafficanteaired Thu, Oct 09, 2008
Episode 9: Carlos Marcelloaired Fri, Jul 25, 2008
Episode 10: Mickey Cohenaired Thu, Oct 16, 2008
Episode 11: Tony Spilotroaired Thu, Dec 04, 2008
Episode 12: Mob Ladiesaired Fri, Dec 12, 2008
Season 2
Episode 6: Nicky Barnesaired Tue, Dec 15, 2009
Episode 11: Tommy "Karate" Piteraaired Wed, Jan 19, 2011
Episode 12: Anthony "Gaspipe" Cassoaired Wed, Jan 12, 2011
Episode 13: "Big Joey" Massinoaired Thu, Jan 20, 2011
Season 3
Episode 5: Anthony "Gaspipe" Cassoaired Thu, Dec 30, 2010

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love love love!Favourites:How casual they are with each other like Sami tneillg him to keep his voice down when he comes in.The kiss, of course.When EJ calls their grief sex making love .When EJ wants to take off his pants and she insists that he shouldn't.The way they both try to convince each other that they should not get involved.When EJ tells Sami she's very lovable .The way they shake hands and look at each other and EJ doesn't want to let go.
by Thu (4 years ago)
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