Season 1
Episode 5: Howie Mandelaired Wed, Jan 14, 2009
Episode 6: Christina Applegateaired Tue, Jan 20, 2009
Episode 7: Kat Von Daired Thu, Jan 29, 2009
Episode 8: Zach Leviaired Thu, Feb 05, 2009
Episode 9: Rob Corddryaired Wed, Feb 11, 2009

You misunderstand. Nura's straem is almost always late, so we don't get to start on it until later, and Phi Brain airs at the same time now. We prioritize what we can get done first. Besides, it was just a recap episode Episode 13 has been waiting on typesetting since Sunday night though, but is done aside from that.
by Jian (4 years ago)
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by Incir (4 years ago)
What other secret amunoncenents are you looking forward to during this month of frequent updates? For reference, I'm talking about the kind of secret amunoncenents like back in late March when the Devs announced the start of the Friends and Family Beta the day it started, down to the very minute and then deleted the announcement and pretended it never happened. And when I reposted their posts, they deleted my posts That was the day I started wearing EM hats. [url=]agkdtpor[/url] [link=]bvymysguc[/link]
by Jhonny (4 years ago)
What are your favorite play <a href="">steyls</a>? Do you like to get up on the enemy and go berserk? Do you like to hang back and plink at them from far range? Or are you a mid-range fighter? Do you like to boat; i.e. missiles, lasers, ballistics? Do you plan on trying new play <a href="">steyls</a> in MWO?
by Audrey (4 years ago)
with the clan mechs being introduced later after the game goes live coindicing with the clan invasion, how will the releasing those mechs be handled as in, will a majority of them be release at the time of the invasion then the rest come in later? just wondering how that will work because i really want to pilot my Vulture. [url=]gxndtvc[/url] [link=]shwacosujl[/link]
by Colochita (4 years ago)

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