An Evening at the Improv
Season 1
Episode 2: Phyllis Dilleraired Sat, Mar 14, 1981
Episode 6: Steve Allenaired Tue, Apr 14, 1981
Episode 12: Harvey Kormanaired Thu, May 28, 1981
Episode 16: Shelley Bermanaired Sun, May 31, 1981
Episode 17: John Byneraired Thu, Jan 29, 1981
Episode 18: Sally Kellermanaired Fri, Feb 13, 1981
Episode 19: Lynn Redgraveaired Sun, Jun 14, 1981
Episode 28: James Cocoaired Wed, Jan 20, 1982
Episode 31: Patrick Macneeaired Thu, Feb 18, 1982
Episode 38: Robert Guillaumeaired Thu, Jul 29, 1982
Episode 39: Lou Gossett Jraired Wed, Mar 31, 1982
Episode 41: Shecky Greenaired Sat, Jul 31, 1982
Episode 56: Robert Conrad, Pat Hazell, Richard Belzer, Jeff Marder, Jeff Cesario and Kevin Rooneyaired Thu, Dec 31, 1987
Episode 58: Robin Leach, Max Alexander, Will Durst, Ron Richards, Pam Matteson and Mark Schiffaired Thu, Jan 14, 1988
Episode 59: Stacey Keach, Jeff Joseph, Jann Karam, Jimmy Allen, Blake Clark and Greg Travisaired Thu, Jan 21, 1988
Episode 60: Lorenzo Lamas, Richard Jeni, Paul Clay, Rick Reynolds, Larry Miller and Dennis Blairaired Thu, Jan 28, 1988
Episode 61: Pia Zadora, Steve Smith, Willy Tyler and Lester, Bobby Kelton, Jimmy Brogan and Tommy Sledgeaired Thu, Feb 04, 1988
Episode 72: Ron Perlman, Greg Ray, James Organ, Bob Nickman, Mark Price and Rick Overtonaired Thu, Jul 21, 1988
Episode 74: Richard Moll, Heywood Banks, Jeff Cesario, Stephanie Miller, Robert Jenkins and Ellen DeGeneresaired Thu, Aug 04, 1988
Episode 81: Shelly Berman, Mark Roberts, Sean Morey, Bob Nickman, Bob Zany and Gary Mule Deeraired Thu, Dec 15, 1988
Episode 83: Martha Quinn, Michael Pace, Jann Karam, Al Clethan Jr., Dennis Wolfberg and JTO and Bobby Duckaired Thu, Dec 29, 1988
Episode 84: Sara Gilbert, Frank Prinzi, Henry Cho, Pat Bullard, Ernest Thomas and Evan Davisaired Thu, Jan 05, 1989
Episode 85: Tommy Chong, Steve Mayberry, Diane Ford, Adam Sandler, Tommy Sledge and Kelly Monteithaired Thu, Jan 12, 1989
Episode 86: Paul Williams, Steve Kelley, John Wing, Hal Spear, Stephanie Hodge and Michael Colyaraired Thu, Jan 19, 1989
Episode 89: Roger E. Mosley, Ron Pearson, Sheila Kay, Kelly McDonald, Bruce Banum and Jeff Marderaired Thu, Feb 09, 1989
Episode 91: Mario Van Peebles, John Hayman, Tom Sheikman, Bobby Kelton, Anthony J. Brown and Bob Beckeraired Thu, Feb 23, 1989
Episode 96: Tom Poston, John Caponera, Larry Wilson, Paul Dillary, Rich Hall and Rick Reynoldsaired Thu, Mar 30, 1989
Episode 97: Larry Drake, Leah Krinsky, Craig Shoemaker, Paul Clay, J.J. Wall and Mike Winslowaired Thu, Jun 01, 1989
Episode 99: Robert Englund, Joanne Astrow, Fielding West, Mike Langworthy, Howard Busgang and Ron Darianaired Thu, Jun 15, 1989
Episode 100: Michelle Phillips, Jordan Brady, Jeff Jena, Kelly Rogers, John Mendoza and Bruce Mahleraired Thu, Jun 22, 1989
Episode 101: Jill St. John, Tim Bedore, Bob Dubae, Larry Brown, Steve Smith and Murray Langstonaired Thu, Jun 29, 1989
Episode 102: Ray Sharkey, Todd Glass, Jeff Dunham, Jim Edwards, Jeff Stillson and Jim Samuelsaired Thu, Jul 06, 1989
Episode 103: Phyllis Diller, John McDonnell, Tom Kenney, Liz Winstead, Taylor Negron and Paul Kozakaired Thu, Jul 13, 1989
Episode 104: Edie McClurg, Johnny Steele, Jeff Foxworthy, Rob Schneider, Johnny Dark and Mike Duganaired Thu, Jul 20, 1989
Episode 105: Sarah Purcell, Hirani Kasten, William Corvell, Chris Raine, Michael McDonald and Moreaired Thu, Jul 27, 1989
Episode 106: Mr. T, George Lopez, Jeff Dunham, Tommy Blaze, Anthony Griffen and Vic Dunlopaired Thu, Aug 03, 1989
Episode 107: Steve Allen, Chuck Martin, Tim Allen, Tom Dreeson, Tony Hayes and Joe Bolsteraired Thu, Aug 10, 1989

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