Entre Piernas
Full Movie Wed, Dec 31, 1969

You recognize, I uslulay lug approximately my heavy machine gun and rocket launcher due to the fact you hardly ever know when someone might insult the prophet and I want to become nicely prepared if I really should happen to stumble onto a demonstration and would like to get rid of the infidels . n nRight . n nAlana, you won't be able to enable Carney get absent using this type of 1 either possibly these things is accessible in Libya yet it is NOT a little something that one nonchalantly walks close to with, and you are unable to let them wiggle off the hook on this one particular n nFirst, a heavy machine gun just isn't the body weight in the gun though the destructive ability of the bullets it fires, and that suggests .fifty caliber or even bigger. By contrast, a light machine gun is one area like the M-60 which fires what on earth is basically related to your .308 Winchester rifle bullet it fires a lot of them quite fast, they're pretty lethal should they hit you, but they may be considered light mainly because they won't go by way of points like masonry and steel. n nA heavy machine gun will a .fifty caliber machine gun is the heaviest weapon on most US Coast Guard vessels and, for example, the WW-II P-51 Mustang was armed with six of them. n nThis just isn't a light gun. It alone weighs 84 lbs, and with its required tripod, it weighs 128 lbs. It fires 550 rounds per minute, almost 10 per 2nd, and just about every metal box of 105 rounds weighs 35 lbs. To fire this for just 10-12 minutes, that you are planning to need to have a TON of ammunition and that uslulay means logistics and vehicles and planning. n n(It also requires exercise firing it this means you you should not wind up shooting your very own persons ) n nSecond, notwithstanding what Hollywood would have us believe, it is not a gun that you just can fire from your hip as Rambo did. It has to be properly secured or it will go flying which suggests education and apply along with the relaxation. Particularly for those who are going to be carrying out this just after dark, which I believe that they did. So also with RPGs they are primarily glorified bottle rockets and if you would like to have it go everywhere near the place you want it to go, you have got to understand whatever you are performing. n nThat indicates training, that suggests apply, which signifies that this was planned in advance. Yet again, when you really don't determine what you happen to be doing, you more likely will destroy yourself and your personal men and women n nWe also really need to learn how they knew where by this residence a super-secret safe house even WAS. Michelle Bachmann's concerns about State Dept safety and leaking data for the Muslim Brotherhood becomes extremely applicable, does it not?
by Ines (4 years ago)
I don't think that it's incomprehensible that the fires were dtelblraeeiy lit (obviously I'm more pessimistic about human nature). And a large proportion of arsonists are actually firefighters. I think it's a bit like graffiti (on a larger scale) people who feel insignificant are drawn by the idea of having a big impact. Not that they could have imagined how big the fire could get.anyhoo I'm procrastinating. Back to work!
by Arnel (4 years ago)
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by Laura (4 years ago)
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