Beneath Hill 60
Full Movie Wed, Dec 31, 1969

individuals who "feel" it necessary to "admonish" hoxoaemusls. The public space belongs to the public, not just to the religious who believe homosexuality to be wrong. Of course, I would argue the same of a white supremacist or (less likely, I think) a black supremacist. If many of these people need to fulfill their "spiritual duties," they should do it in their own personal private spaces, be it their homes, their churches, or their websites.
by Paulinus (4 years ago)
Sorry if I have fun with your terrible moemnt, but I must to say: you are really funny! Well, I'd be so ungry like you if something like that happened to me! I hope it is all fine now!!Kisses,Cri.
by Toby (4 years ago)

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