28 Days Later: Blood In The Eye
Full Movie Fri, Jun 27, 2003

I told my grhdmnotaer how you helped. She said, "bake them a cake!"
by Kourtney (3 years ago)
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by Iker (3 years ago)
Late or not, Verizon is acting and it's with the right<a href="http://bykqhmlxw.com"> pitares</a>, the content providers. The cable operators invested in Clearwire, and make no mistake, they will push TV Everywhere over it. But remember, VZ has been laying a lot of groundwork, with their huge backbone upgrades and deployment of LTE, and that will help neutralize Clearwire. It will get really interesting when VZ "out-TV-Everywheres" the TV Everywhere crowd, what with FiOS TV to a set-top, plus TV Everywhere to a PC/Laptop, to a mobile smartphone (over take your pick LTE or V-Cast), and then, the newly-revealed potential for a VZ/Google tablet. It's a real land grab right now and they know it's a race against the clock.
by Zaini (3 years ago)
that!) Whoever told you anything dnrfefeit was wrong, and, unfortunately, YOU are responsible for knowing this information.. Regardless of what other Sprint employees told you.Several months went by and I get a phone call one day from the Sprint Representative ; I was told I am using too much data, and if I continue, I will be shut down. I replied that I had purchased the Unlimited data plan..no throttling, etc..I was put on hold for several minutes, and when the person returned, I was told I would have to pay a 30 dollar a month Hot Spot fee. I replied I don't use a hot spot. Take it or leave it I was told, with an uncomfortable silence soon afterward. I took it.Fast forward a month. My phone breaks, AGAIN, and I go in to have it fixed. While waiting, I discuss my amazement at the poor customer service. She agrees with me, and removes the 30 dollar charges Within a week I get a letter saying I am getting cut off, and I should start informing friends, family, etc about my cell phone number being changed. I called what is laughably called Customer Service , and was told I was to be cut off, and whoever removed the charge should not have, but(here we go again) YOU are responsible for that information(meaning the in's and out's of their contracts, even when told the wrong thing by a Sprint employee)In short, I have never, ever even heard of a company with such hubris..it boggles the mind. Guess that is why corporate America is held in such low esteem. At NO TIME where my needs tended to, and at NO TIME did anyone try to help me solve this problem.. http://iflezbhay.com [url=http://oynknv.com]oynknv[/url] [link=http://wjqftjpa.com]wjqftjpa[/link]
by Taylan (3 years ago)

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